Springfield Spectre

A personal story from the Houselore Facebook Group:

Another story of the old house in Springfield, IL, that was turned into apartments.

I had the downstairs floor to myself, so my landlord told me that could plant flowers if I wanted to. His friend Greg was there when he said this, and Greg did handyman work for him at the house. I had known Greg for about 6 months at the time, seeing him fairly regularly.

I planted bulbs the same day that I was told that I could.
Keep in mind, my landlord was also my coworker, and Greg often came into our store to talk to the landlord.
So one day a couple of weeks later, Greg comes in, and jokingly called me a snob. I asked what he was talking about, and he said that he drove by the house the day before, and waved at me when I was planting flowers out front.

It was a busy street, with the house sitting close enough to the street, there was no way to not hear someone calling out to you, as he said he had done. It is also near a stoplight, and at the time, he also had to wait there for it to change. He said he did everything he could to get my attention, but I completely ignored him. He even said he circled the block to park behind the house to talk to me, but I wasn’t outside, and my car was gone.

Truth is, I wasn’t even in town that day, and the only other female in the building was a short girl with dark hair, who was larger than me at the time. He knew her too, so there was no confusing us.

He was spooked when I told him that it wasn’t me out there. He swore that she looked just like me.

Alexandra Jones
Alexandra Jones
Alexandra is an American historian and the founder of Houselore. She is based in Scotland, where she lives in a creaky castle and tends a poison garden.


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