Santa Marta de Portuzelo Castle

From the Owner:

It is a Manueline style house that has elements from the 12th to the 19th centuries.

It is approximately 2000 m2 (approximately 21,528 sq ft), distributed over two floors and a tower. Access to the first floor is through a stone stairway that starts from a hallway, from which you access the chapel, on the right hand side and a hall of about 50 m2 on the left. 

It consists of 12 bedrooms, with 9 available to guests. The rooms are approximately 50m2 (approximately 538 sq ft), all of them have a en suite bathroom and two of them have a fireplace. There are three living rooms, two dining rooms, a huge kitchen, toilets , large hallways, a chapel and plenty of extra space to enjoy your leisure!
On the lower floor there is a hallway, a chapel, a staircase leading to the first floor, a living room that communicates with a dining room, another living room, communicated with another dining room, a bedroom with bathroom, kitchens and auxiliary units .. 

On the first floor there is a hall, a living room and 9 bedrooms all of them with en suite bathrooms. Tower and Chapel are closed to the public

The garden expands out about 17,000 m2 (approximately 4.2 acres), with its most outstanding features: the manuelino-style watchtower, the dovecote, the 16th century fountain and a tunnel that leads to the fontain patio giving way to the main facade of the property.
In the garden there are a variety of ornamental trees: orange, lemon, olive, chestnut, palm, cypress, walnut and fig.

There is an outdoor pool approximately 17x8 m (55x26 feet) and sufficient parking.

You access the property by a traditional Portuguese stone paved road, between high stone walls in a rural setting, with olive groves and small chapels at the crossroads.

From the first floor of the Castle you can soak in views of the Lima river and the Atlantic Ocean.


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