Burton Agnes Hall

Burton Agnes Hall is a house of immense charm and character. It has many unusual features and is fortunate in suffering so little from alterations or additions in its history.

The Old Place

Since about 2017, I’ve been working on refurbishing my old family homestead. My family calls it The Old Place, and it’s a few miles down the long dirt road where I live with my parents and grandma.

The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants don’t just look good, they make us feel good too! Studies have shown that indoor plants can boost your mood, productivity and creativity.

A Brief History of the Psychomanteum

The concept of a psychomanteum has been around since the time of the Ancient Greeks as a means to communicate with the deceased, and primarily utilizes the the method known commonly as 'mirror-gazing'.

Curated Picks – June 6th, 2022

A curated selection of our favourite art, antiques, and vintage items for sale online. Pair of Oil Paintings - Naval...

The Long Man of Wilmington

This mysterious guardian of the South Downs has baffled archaeologists and historians for hundreds of years. Fertility symbol? Ancient Warrior? Early 18th century folly? We may never know.

Historic Outlander Filming Locations

If you're a fan of the TV series 'Outlander' (who isn't??) then you should put these beautiful castles, villages, and highlands on your itinerary.

The Ghost: A Cultural History

Ghosts are woven into the very fabric of life. In Britain, every town, village, and great house has a spectral resident, and their enduring popularity in literature, art, folklore, and film attests to their continuing power to fascinate, terrify, and inspire.

A Haunting Detected

A personal story from the Houselore Facebook Group: I've posted before about the odd things that happen in our home...

Springfield Spectre

He was spooked when I told him that it wasn't me out there. He swore that she looked just like me.

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The Old Place

A Haunting Detected

Springfield Spectre