Historic Fachwerk Homestead

From the Owner:

We offer a beautiful apartment in an old half-timbered (Fachwerk) house in Wiesbaden Delkenheim.

The house was built around 1800 and is part of a historical farm with barn and other buildings. The apartment has been renovated in early 2017. The farm is under historical preservation.

Delkenheim has good transportation connections but remains quiet. It takes about 15 minutes to reach Wiesbaden or Mainz, and about 30 to reach Frankfurt.

We have lived in the area for over 25 years and give you unique insights into things to do and see in the region, restaurants, etc... The apartment is spacious and well equipped with a full kitchen, satellite TV, bath and shower and floor heating. But it is also historic. My wife and I have tried hard to make sure that the space is authentic and includes many historical details.


Alexandra is an investigative historian specializing in 20th century ideologies. She researches modern paramilitary movements, nationalist + identitarian organizations, and organized crime groups throughout the USA and Europe.

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