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I'm Alexandra Jones, the founder of Houselore. I was born and raised in the USA, before moving to Scotland at the age of 19. After studying Art History at Miami University, I completed an MA in European History at the University of Glasgow. I spent my early career working in museums and historic houses, and I established Houselore in 2017.

I focus on sourcing unique vintage, antique, and architectural salvage pieces directly from historic estates, schools, businesses, and theatres around the UK and Europe.

I choose items that are authentic, well designed, and of interesting provenance. You'll be able to see the story behind every piece that I select at Houselore.

I am happy to deal with trade and private clients. You can usually find me haunting the basements or attics of old houses, schools, businesses, and theatres as I hunt for the next treasure.

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Alexandra Jones

Historian and antiquarian.

Art History @ Miami University

European History @ University of Glasgow

Based in: London | NYC


The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

Alexandra Jones is a featured historian in this documentary, exploring the post-war career of Nazi SS officer Otto Skorzeny, once called 'The Most Dangerous Man in Europe'.

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